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Imaginary Foundation @ Stussy- 07.19.07

Imaginary Foundation show opened at the Stussy store on Haight tonight, so i stopped by on the way to Magnolia. Here are some pics to give you a feel for the show… my favorites were their sculptural pieces (see that floral gramophone, the cup in the store window, and the magritte like door)… the shirts and prints didn’t blow my mind as much as i’d hoped.














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8 Notes

I Love Imaginary Foundation. Own about 15 shirts, it’s really the only brand of shirt I wear. Looking forward to the designs in the future.

----- Russ 29.03.08 02:07

I LOVE imaginary foundation.

----- elisabeth 13.03.08 05:09

great work!
I love it!

----- Milcho 01.03.08 10:35

I think the art is too sophisticated and thought provoking for the average sneaker head.
Most sneaker heads need there art spoon fed to them through a blog. If the blog says it’s good than they like it.
Great job keep it up!

----- Jedi R.A. 23.07.07 10:10

incredible, thanks for sharing

----- mikelite 20.07.07 12:08

I was there…. love nicks stuff…. always have… always will…

----- daniel d 20.07.07 07:26

That gramaphone is awesome!!!

----- Sub-Studio 20.07.07 04:39

i don’t know about you, but that show was quite disappointing. i almost felt like i was looking at paintings being sold at a gas station. or worse, looking at motivational posters. i don’t disagree with any of the messages, just the format was a bit tacky.

----- David 20.07.07 00:54

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