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Diesel Global Hotspots- 07.25.07

Remember the Diesel Global Warming campaign? Well the catalog to go with is just as great… “The World’s Coolest Hotspots Guide”. Besides the images from the ads and the product shots, what really grabbed me about these little red hardbound catalogs were the maps of the future world. Check out pictures of the maps below - london becomes an island, the us only has some large cities and mountains left, italy becomes a more anorexic boot, etc…














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Is everything fine? What’s going on?

----- alkaceazy 05.01.08 17:29

Argentina maps always exist why you don´t put it here ?

----- Daniel 23.08.07 17:28

Checked the DIESEL store in Antwerp yesterday … no sign of the books :( If someone is willing to pick one up for me, I’d be more than willing to pay for the shipping! (Highres scans would be nice too ^^)

----- Dries 01.08.07 01:14

Obviously, the writer doesn’t know much about the geography of China. Since South China flooded in this book are covered by mountains, while north China has no changes most of which are plains.

----- septemhero 29.07.07 20:26

Hmmm, where’s Russia? =)

----- Micko 28.07.07 15:52

I’ve never seen them in Paris, perhaps they were already all gone, like all free things in Paris lol
so thanks you have post the photos, that’s funny to see those illustrations that comes with the photos, and not funny that one day it could happen for real
a great campain, Diesel is always really original
love this site though to present all those beautiful things

----- DJ92 27.07.07 10:22

I wasn’t aware of the Diesel Global Warming campaign when I made this image a little while ago…


It looks worryingly plausible after the recent severe flooding here in the UK.

London wouldn’t survive as an island though. Like lots of major cities it’s built on what was a floodplain next to a river. Doh!

----- Jon Greenslade 27.07.07 07:00

do you have just the 3? I’d be willing to pay for one.

----- Victor 26.07.07 19:52

Hey everyone ~ The books - i really just came across a stack of them at the Diesel store in downtown SF, and they were free… fall season kicking in and all, no wonder they were trying to dump them?

----- notcot 26.07.07 13:57

I’d love to get my hands on one these books as well!

The ads were amazing but these books take it to a new level.

----- Victor 26.07.07 13:54

i love the idea, but how did you find these books?
I would love to have one

----- DJ92 26.07.07 11:18

Cool! where can i get this book?

----- eric casey 26.07.07 11:13

Kinda silly, now that we know the flooding predictions are nonsense.

----- TSL 26.07.07 09:49

How interesting :)
I always love Diesel’s campaigns, but this one is a funny, sarcastic but worrying one. Genius.
I wish I could get my hands on one of those books!

----- Carolina Garofani 26.07.07 06:38

Woa, very interesting

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 26.07.07 00:24

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