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Grapple Coat Rack- 07.12.07

Design Milk featured these Grapple Coat Hooks… and i’m… well, hooked! Grapple Hook Coat Rack is by Ryan Frank, and available over at Bouf, which is apparently a sleek online store that sounds like a filtered/edited higher end etsy? [Sounds like the NOTCOT.org approach to having a store… love their products over there… if they like what you have, you too can sell there!]


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Never mind - came across his website: www.ryanfrank.net He will still make these as special orders! One will be hanging in my entry soon… Thanks for posting - I think I first saw the Grapple coat hook on your site.

----- Maya 29.10.09 15:50

I absolutely adore the Grapple Coat Hooks and I also didn’t see them at Bouf (and I’m googling without much luck). Any other sources you can suggest?

----- Maya 26.10.09 07:08

I had a look at the bouf website but can’t find the grapple hooks anywhere… Anyone know if there is anywhere else that stock these as I really want one!


----- Patricia 23.01.08 08:23

I saw them (and i guess the designer) at Salone del Mobile in Milan. The product was also included in a special exhibition held at the Fiera and in the publication included.
Cool product.

----- Margherita 18.07.07 06:36

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