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i|m active- 07.27.07

i|m active: There are hair things and there are hair things… and there are hair things in great packaging… foil ziplocs! AND great labeling as well as an ActiveHold Technology TOUCH window! And seriously, how can you resist that. Well beyond the great packaging… this line of active hair accessories actually has a whole new kind of grip on the outside! It weaves two types of rubber strands on the surface of the bands for extra grip, as well as having no metal clasp (the connector actually looks a lot like heatshrink). I picked up the elastics, as well as the head wraps which look like giant elastics (instead of their other wide flat headbands) - in addition to their extra tension claw clip/elastic hybrid (more images below!). And i’m impressed, my buns and ponytails aren’t going anywhere as much as i shake my head… nor are my bangs that tend to escape! What else is in the line? Barrettes and award winning shoelaces! all with the same grippy technology.

Now for the unexpected part - i|m active is by the makers of Industrie which produces high end salon tools… which are a business unit of Newell Rubbermaid. Yes, THAT rubbermaid… of tupperware, etc.




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I LOVE THIS CLIP!! I bought mine on clearance at the place my boyfriend gets his hair cut and fell in love. I move alot and see people all day at work and with all my talking,moving,and headbobbing I never have to redo my hair. I talked about these my clip so much my boyfriend looked for them everytime he got his haircut;and even got his mom and sisters looking for them too. Finally about a year later he has found them.He bought me multiple as I lost my last one, the thing is near impossible to break. I now have a couple but still want a couple more. Where can I find more and the headbands?

----- Heph 20.01.10 16:09

I cannot find an im active head band anywhere. They used to be in a store called Pavia and in CVS last year. Help.

----- Kia Howard 28.05.09 06:49

I love these. I have very fine curly hair. Most headbands slide
Off my head. I also wear glasses, making it painful to wear hair bands.
These are great. Comfortable all day long. I found a 4 pack
In multi-colors on Athleta.com for $8.

----- Laura 21.01.09 19:32

I got a free sample of these at my gym too. I used one nearly everyday for about 6 months before it finally stretched out. The only place I have been able to find them is directly from their site - http://www.studioim.com/.

----- ann onymous 07.11.08 17:03

I got a free sample of these hair ties at a resort a year and a half ago, and there were only 3 or 4 I think, and I eventually stretched them all out (after constant use for over a year). I love them and they would be worth paying a good price for, but I don’t know where to buy them. Buying online would be my preference since I live overseas.

----- Gloria 22.08.08 05:21

!!!! i got a packet of these hair ties and fell in love!!! I couldn’t remember what they were called-thank goodness for your blog! but where can you actually BUY them? My problem is less breaking, more losing… I have one left and I don’t want to go on without it!

----- Erin 25.06.08 17:13

I picked one of these up at a party a few months back and it is BY FAR, THE BEST HAIE TIE I HAVE EVER USED. I typically go through a few every week, and when this one lasted more than a week, I thought, “man, I gotta find me some of these.” Now I know what they are! I actually like the grip stuff because it allows me to hold my hair loosely without sliding too far down.

If there is any problem with this product it is that it is *too* good, and people will only need to buy one package. (Heck, I never even bought any in the first place.)

----- A Nony Mous 29.07.07 09:34

The only problem with all of the hold is that it means it ends up hurting your head after a while. I’ve actually found normal headbands (imagine those you posted but without the grip stuff) hold up really well no matter what I’m doing.

Cool packaging, though.

----- Alysia 27.07.07 12:49

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