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Puma Urban Mobility Site- 07.26.07

Puma Urban Mobility - Ok, i’ve shown you the stuff… and gushed hard about the design and wood integration in the products already… but thats nothing compared to how i’m feeling about the icons and imagery on the site that goes with. I will let the screenshots speak for themselves, but i’m all over this one for: 1. the icons… esp when animated. *swoon* 2. the maps 3. the drop shadowed speech bubbles… oh and also the colors and flatness… as well as the old school “fit the pieces in” packing puzzles!

Sidenote: on Puma iconography… remember these great inspirational ones on the door during construction?







This should be what i have as my “away” image…

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i bought a small courier bag a month ago and it’s truely amazing!

----- alice wang 26.07.07 17:32

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