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Kawasaki @ Lineage- 07.25.07

Audrey Kawasaki’s latest from the Innocents show at Lineage in Philly. It’s been a little while since we’ve had some good eye candy from her shown here, and i couldn’t help myself when i saw her aquatic themed pieces, so here’s a little something to get your creative juices running this Wednesday. Although i love them all - the one above is my absolute favorite: ‘umi no yami no jyoou’, 24x17… see more below. And not all of her work is innocent and dreamy eyed mysterious (or is that a mischievous? scheming? calculated? completely bored? apathetic? twinkle in their eyes?) girls… she also has some NSFW submissions to Grafuck.

‘mizu ame’ 16x20

‘kurage no yume’ 15x20

‘yuria’ 15x19


See? She’s not ALL sweet and nice and mysterious girlies… These were her submissions to Grafuck.



3 Notes

Very nice art-nuvou-ish type work. Great line quality. I was wondering what the medium was.

----- Ben C 15.08.07 13:16

your work is interesting and erotic.

----- Josh 28.07.07 11:39

I looove the last two.

----- Rachel 26.07.07 13:41

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