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Limited Ed Email- 07.09.07

On strange cryptic emails, here’s a new one. Apparently i was *lucky* enough to receive number 442/500 (yay i made the top 500 of some list?) of Limited Edition Emails from Multi@MultiPolarProjects.com. Being lazy and confused by all of this, instead of following the precise framing descriptions, lets visualize and pretend the iphone is my shadowbox… This thing came with an invoice email as well… (read it below)… and thank goodness mine came “PAID (Compliments of the artist)” because this “Media: Variable depending on the buyer” goes for a whopping $1,000 USD - but luckily they say: “We will verify Edition Number & Purchaser for ebay and auction house sales.” I hope i didn’t destroy its value by spreading the sarcasm to all of you! Since, “You may only print out ONE copy. If you make multiple prints, your edition will then be revoked.”

Also, i’d like to take this chance to say… this email is awesome because it gave me something fun to do with my iPhone before i go return it tomorrow or weds. I may try again once updates come out, and things become a bit more useable for my day to day life. But don’t get me wrong its a great ipod with fancy email and web browsing, and zooming in and out is far too fun (as is wasting more time watching youtubes than i ever did on a computer).


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And now your post is mentioned on Multi Polar’s blog…hmmm. The art is definitely “interesting.”

----- Quickie 12.07.07 08:16

So those guys emailed back about my post….

From: multi - at - multipolarprojects.com
Subject: Re: Limited Editioned Email 442/500
Date: July 10, 2007 3:04:41 PM PDT
To: jaw - at - notcot.com

We will have to check with our legal department to see if this voids the
edition. However, this Friday there will be a signing in Chicago, and H
Mathis would surely be willing to sign the phone. We would assume though,
that it would surely void the warranty of the phone.

Multi Polar Projects

----- notcot 10.07.07 15:20

Why are you returning your iphone?

Will you get a new one or?

----- Steve 10.07.07 06:10

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