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Luck is 50:50- 07.21.07

Luck. Is it a cosmic balance kind of thing? “One man’s good luck is another man’s bad luck + feel guilty when you get lucky”… regardless of what you believe, like all Alice Wang projects, i love this one on multiple levels this Saturday morning. Her simple infographic snippets and diagrams are brilliant, and just complex enough. See her full manifesto here… but wait. There’s more! To further exemplify this view of luck, she has also designed the 50:50 Radio.

The radio is sold as a pair, however, only one radio can be controlled at a time.
The person in control can tune the radio by twisting the antenna while the other radio’s antenna will be down. The person with no control over the radio can listen to what the other radio is tuned to and does not gain control until the other radio is switched off.
It may seem like luck at first, but once either user discovers each other’s routines, patterns are then revealed.


This RCA genius has been written about many a time ~ and is quite possibly one of my favorite people to post projects of (they just somehow consistently grab me with the edgy simplicity of both concept and design.)

- Pet Plus the boyfriend leash, dog wine glass, dog formal collar, etc?

- USB tapes a full rack of mixed tapes going USB key

- Peer Pressure - those GORGEOUS black and white devices taunting you to read, print, click, etc…

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