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WWF Shadow Billboard- 07.11.07

Most brilliant use of shadows on a billboard yet ~ World Wildlife Federation uses this gorgeous billboard to demonstrate the rise of water… Youtube of it in action below. (via designboom)

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it is really a beautiful billboard. simple and brilliant. the best billboard i have ever seen.. it really made an impact not only visual , but it does acomplishes the purpose and makes you think about what we are doing to our world.

----- iris 12.07.07 13:24

bright idea …

----- Nic 12.07.07 02:02

WOW! I think this is one of the most creative pieces of advertising that I’ve seen in a long time. These advertising agencies are really pushing the boundaries with what first appears as a static medium.

I’ve seen a few billboards on the Internet like this recently, but this is my favourite as it really conveys the message to you and makes you aware of how the water levels are rising.

Oliver Coningham

----- Oliver Coningham 12.07.07 01:42

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