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Anymails- 08.01.07

Anymails - i can’t stop watching the videos of this incredible flash/processing project that visualizes your email boxes as its own little ecosystem of organisms - moving, and blobbing about… linking up in groups… changing in size, color, speed, hairiness - depending on read, unread, responded, type, newness. The program uses Apple Mail, and the code is available, although i have downloaded and been too chicken shit to run it yet, that “be careful if you have a large number of emails” thing has me a little weary.

The project was developed by Carolin Horn (Design & Concept) and Florian Jenett (Code) during the MFA thesis “Natural Metaphor For Information Visuzalization” at the Dynamic Media Intitute Boston in 2007. You can see more images, download the full thesis and code, and watch some incredible videos of it in action at their site. For the flash bits with the gorgeously pulsating creatures, see more below as well. (via Information Aesthetics)


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hi daniel,

actually it’s not that much time, otherwise we’d have built it to run on any os and started a company. :)

thanks for you comment!


----- Florian Jenett 04.08.07 03:13

Good god that is beautiful and insane… someone has way too much time on their hands!!

IA featured our Labs site after NotCot. Always great stuff (there and here). Nice find, Jean.

----- Daniel 02.08.07 09:28

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