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Gloji- 08.19.07

gloji.jpgIt was only a matter of time… all trendy ingredients seem to end up some kind of liquid beverage. So its almost impressive we’re finally getting one featuring Goji Berries… Gloji - in two mixes: Gloji Mix which is part goji and part pomegranate, for all your antioxidant overdosing - and Gloji Gold which is “100% Pure Premium Power” - from wild grown goji berries, ripe harvested from the lower desert of Tibet. “Drink in the power of the most potent antioxidant known to man.”

Ok ok, but honestly, we both know why this is being posted… that’s some awesome packaging they’ve got going on. The light bulb bottle is a *brilliant* idea, and i’m curious to see one in person… is it completely rounded? Does it sit flat on a table? Or does it have a special stand?



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I love the packaging and the branding but its made in China didnt know this is where good Juice is made. I did not like the smell of the product but it was drinkable!

----- John 30.11.07 16:20

It seems to have a flat tap on the end, viewable on both flip bottles…

----- vigor mortis 20.08.07 12:47

Reminds me of the Orangina bottles.

Any idea where someone might try some of this stuff out?

----- matt. 20.08.07 11:41

Love it!

----- Sub-Studio 20.08.07 10:06

from the first picture i’d say the base is flattened conspicuously so it would stand on a table.

still, that’s a pretty sweet bottle!

----- angel 19.08.07 21:01

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