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i-delicious- 08.19.07

idelicious.jpgi-delicious is the portfolio of illustrator Lesia Chernish, and it’s just that delectably delicious that it feels like a perfect blend of NOTCOT and TasteSpotting’s passions. I must admit i’ve tried hunting for more information on her, but she only seems to exist on her site: i-delicious! A few more of her pieces that i love below.




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Thank you! (*o*)

----- i-delicious 03.09.07 13:29

These are great. Here site has some more wonderful pieces. My favorite is the blonde who is eating the groom off the cake, so darling :)

----- Jacqueline 26.08.07 21:28

I love your work miss.
Thanks for sharing.

----- Matthew 21.08.07 19:36


----- Lara 20.08.07 16:21

naturally, i love these :)

----- sarah 19.08.07 17:45

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