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Google Sky- 08.26.07

googlesky.jpgGoogle SKY! It’s actually been difficult to get myself to stop browsing and just take a screenshot already to write this post… there are SO many places to keep exploring. The latest version of Google Earth lets you flip to Sky Mode and see the sky from the place you were centered on the earth. It’s an incredible way to explore and travel from your desktop… there’s something absolutely mesmerizing about how beautiful it is. This is in collaboration with NASA/Space Telescope Institute, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and Digital Sky Survey Consortium. Check out the video below with Sally Ride. Also a nice touch are the constellation overlays, hubble showcase images, user’s guide to the galaxies, life cycles of stars, and viewing the timelapsed movements of planets.


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This is amazing!
Thank you for giving me something to keep me busy while at work.

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