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Field Notes- 08.26.07

fieldnotes.jpgCoudal Partners has teamed up with Draplin Design Company of Portland to bring you Field Notes Brand Notebooks… and the first batch has been shipped out this week! “We just wanted people who had shown an interest to be able to pre-order our initial Field Notes product, a durable made-in-the-USA notebook inspired by vintage farmers’ planting books and other practical, historic, mostly-midwestern American design.” They are also 3 for $9.95. I don’t know about you, but Moleskine are getting a bit played out, although these do pretty closely resemble the Moleskine Cahier Journals (also in three packs, similar look)… these are pretty fun (loving the font, naturally). Spotted these over at Notebookism. And for one of the first pics in the wild, see below.

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Any idea on the font that they are using?

----- David Strongman 18.06.09 13:16

I have a set of these from a pre-production run a couple of months ago, and I’ve compared them to the moleskin cahier notebooks - they are slightly smaller/thinner than the moleskins, but the cover isn’t quite as thick and the standard moleskin perforated back pages & pocket are of course missing. I like the feel of the cover a little better on the field notes (and they look really cool), but overall I’ll probably keep carrying the moleskins because of the perf’d pages and pocket.

----- rob 27.08.07 12:02

Good plateform to express your inspiration!

----- Taras 26.08.07 22:14

I’m really looking forward to these.

----- speedmaster 26.08.07 17:37

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