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Hole Punched- 08.22.07

holepunched.jpgSteven Nicholson is a 2yr student at Plymouth university in the United Kingdom studying Graphic communications with typography. And apparently he is a genius with a hole punch? Check out this self portrait using 10 different sized single hole punches on a a1 piece of paper that he just sent over. Can you imagine the patience? It reminds me a lot of the Rasterbator… only if you laser cut the holes instead of printing them? More images below!



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Pretty sweet idea, I’m willing to see if someone can make art with staples in the same fashion

----- Ray 04.12.09 11:53

A streetartist called “Sten” has been doing this for years and years - here’s some of his stuff: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2183/2603154823_11ba756e85.jpg?v=0

----- Timp 18.08.08 10:53

Hi, Kelly sure.


----- Steven Nicholson 07.05.08 15:57


This is amazing stuff here. Can i view ore of your work on your website?

----- kelly 22.04.08 12:02

If anyone is interested, i have just designed my website with a few pieces of my work.

Ps that image was NOT made using technology
(unless a hammer is classed as a technical instrument!)

----- Steven Nicholson 28.02.08 14:06

I think this is sheer genius..so what if you can achieve this using technology? The bottom line is the Artist (and yes, that’s what he is) is showcasing several viable characteristics here…Concept, Creativity,Talent, Stick-to-it-tiveness….to name a few. It’s about time people get back to the basics …like using the brain….

----- sherm 24.01.08 09:24

So cool! I love concepts that use density to create shading. Well executed too!


----- Daniel Edlen 22.01.08 07:40

Why the negative jazz?!?!?!?!

This boy, is clearly just doing what he loves and people can appreciate it or f**k off not like he did it to offend u

and in response to all this laser cut blah blah technical crap that is not how this was produced. FACT.

AND some guy may have been doing this for years but guess what …… here is another one.

in the words of Freud there is no such thing as an original thought.

I think it looks as good as ur mum.

----- SEZ 08.11.07 08:20

the back and magenta layers of a halftone seperation. about 9,000 squares cut out by hand.

----- kyle schoenberger 18.10.07 16:45

wow…i speak of this on my blog.

----- Giuseppe 06.09.07 09:13

This can be done with any picture in about 15-20 minutes provided you own a plotter.

1) Convert raster image to halftone bitmap, specify desired linescreen.

2) Trace or autotrace to get into vector format.

3) Cut on plotter.

----- Krudler 02.09.07 10:04

This masterpiece and $5.00 can get a nice cup of Java at Starbucks. Maybe he already works there so he can get one for free.

He has to be on something to make this.

----- Mitch Pawl 30.08.07 18:31

That’s pretty funny!

----- Cherie 30.08.07 13:00

This is to Mitch Pawl, what have you done lately? The guy creates something, and you poop on it, get a freaking life.

----- Moe 30.08.07 12:32

Nice work. Steven Nicholson seems to have done it first. But that’s the way art goes eh? Technique is technique. Who makes the better composition and markets it better wins.

Steven, get your stuff up on NotCot too.

----- Benito 30.08.07 06:16

Can you say “Dork”?

you have way too much time on your hands.

----- Mitch Pawl 29.08.07 20:16

This is done using a projected photoshop image and has been done by other, craftier people. This artist, actually laser cuts wood to the same effect:


----- Chi 28.08.07 10:19

Hi Just a quick message to answer some of your questions.

The picture was made using 10 single hole punches and a hammer over a cutting mat. It took over 8hrs.

If anyone wants there own just forward me the details to my email address.

In answer to Joshes statement I think using a laser die cutter wont have the same effect and a uniform sequence of holes will look too mechanical.


----- Steven Nicholson 27.08.07 13:03

Hmmm. Sort of expected I guess. Plus, Reed Anderson has been doing this sort of thing for years. What you have done here is more likes arts and crafts and less like art. Good effort though.

----- fred 27.08.07 11:41

it’s really a great design!

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 27.08.07 08:37


----- Matt 27.08.07 06:16

sorry mate. that’s Eric Idle. :P

----- yuri 27.08.07 04:40

nice one, i like it.

----- Manish Kumar 27.08.07 01:56

this is pretty nice, but did anyone else think that was a portrait of michael palin?

----- Gary 26.08.07 23:54

Looks like he used rasterbator to create the dot image and then just punched the dark parts of the pattern

----- jon 26.08.07 19:15

Awesome pictures! Check out this hole punch art too:

----- Willie Hoffman 26.08.07 19:08

Yes, how DID you get the hole puncher to work in the middle of the paper?????

----- Cat 26.08.07 17:36


----- Ryan 26.08.07 17:23

Nicely done! Very cool.

----- tgpo 26.08.07 17:09

Wow!! What do you do for a living?!

----- Allan 26.08.07 17:09

Skip the hole punch, just get some time on a computer-driven laser-cutter!

----- Josh J. 26.08.07 17:01

Have you figured out a way to mass produce these?

----- Paul Lopez 26.08.07 16:54

Wooowww its amazing.. Thats incredible.. To much well working!!

----- hollymag 26.08.07 16:24

Wow how much for our logo from http://www.askTheAdmin.com ? and the ill let you punch my face joke - was horrible, word up.

----- AskTheAdmin 26.08.07 15:24

That’s pretty amazing, sorta retro art.

----- Watch TV 26.08.07 15:07

What a great idea. I love it! This is the manual version of halftone.

----- Yael 25.08.07 19:41

So umm, how did you get a hole puncher to the middle of the photograph?? That just looks too computer generated to me. UN-QUOTE BITCH!!!

----- Travis 25.08.07 18:26

That is amazing, very creative.

----- Michael 24.08.07 21:08

Hole-y Mole-y Bat Man!

Great work. So good that I did exactly the same thing 4years ago at Central Saint Martins.

See link below:


----- wailian scannell 24.08.07 11:10

Hello people, thanks for your interest and comments, I am currently setting up a website so you lot can check out my other projects.

If you want one of those pics send me you email address, when I have sorted my website i will get back to you to arrange the details.

Im in contact with a paper supplier so, hopefully I will have some bad-ass paper to work with eg. metalics, transparencys, polycoated, handmade paper, transmarque and transclear papers.


Much thanks!

----- Steven Nicholson 24.08.07 02:35

Adorei sua arte.Congratulations…

----- erika 23.08.07 15:56

I had a dream about this [seriously]! I was walking down a sidewalk and stopped at a corner next to one of those electric box thingies. Then this guy who looked like ?uestlove was carrying one of these hole punch portraits around. He put one on top of the electric box and used a sharpie to [messily] color in the holes/portrait.

The end.

----- Laurice 23.08.07 14:28


How you did it? would you mind to share~

good work.

----- vangowee 23.08.07 13:42

Can anyone tell me how do I get in touch with Steven Nicholson? Tks.

----- Julio 23.08.07 13:15

dude that is truly cool. Id let you hole punch my face any day!

----- alex 22.08.07 16:03


----- Kate Andrews 22.08.07 14:30

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