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Pocket Shots- 08.22.07

pocketshots.jpgPocket Shot… just got imed a link to Wired’s blurb on these single serving alcohol packets. And it just made me laugh… especially when you see how poor the design on their page is… but this Wired image makes them look pretty sweet. Once you get past considering every situation where you would use these, sneak these in, recycle these, refill these, etc. This is an interesting packaging design to consider. And sadly, look below to see their various displays (as well as what was apparently a Maxim party)! Currently i can see these next to the gummi bears by the gas station cash register… can’t you imagine a classier sleeker designed version? The concept has so much potential ~ team up with real brands, replace the mini bottles/flasks, alcohol in space? But visually there really was much that could be done here… the inspiration? “Pocket Shot developer Jarrold Bachmann devised the idea for the product after seeing the workers at his farm in South Africa buy simple, crude 25 ml plastic sachets of alcohol to celebrate payday.”


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I love the design and the idear , how can i talk to someone about importing them ? and getting some samples to market test ????? if any one can help me can you please email me on joelstirlingdesign@gmail.com im very happy to take a big order to try them out in our shops , Thanks

----- Joel Stirling 21.04.08 16:23

I’ve found a site for those who like the concept of “pocket shot” but either can’t find the product or like to stick with their name brand liquor. The site is www.disposableflasks.com. They have disposable flasks that hold 5 shots and are collapsible. I received the camouflage design at Mardi Gras this year and used it a few times before throwing it away. They have other designs available on their website. The site is not the fanciest but it works. The reason I liked the flask was I didn’t worry if I lost it or if it was taken from me since it was not my nice steel flask. I’m a big tailgater and concert goer an like to drink the nicer stuff so I just assume bring my own and save a few bucks. Nothing can beat going to a bar and ordering a nice drink, but if your going to flask it and do not want to worry about your nice flask, here is a good option.

----- Alex 19.02.08 17:15

how much are they and can they ship anywhere and can you buy them in michigan

----- linda verburg 29.10.07 10:23

Rubbish. What better way to enjoy a night on the town that imbibing a smuggled Capri-Sun full of warm Tequila? It’s easy; simply tear, spill and lick from floor. If you can’t stand watching a show without a stiff one, just go somewhere else. It’s really not hard to find a bar with grown-ups. At least a flask provides a bit of insulation - and class. The bar-fly shot above looks like a screen shot from a bad SNL skit.

----- INFIDELuxe 01.09.07 06:53

Waste of money. I’d rather just use a flask.

----- Pike 24.08.07 14:42

I think the concept is great, a pretty neat idea for sneaking in alcohol somewhere, but the packaging is quite horrendous. It really could be so much better with better packaging.

www.TheDieline.com - The Ultimate Package Design Blog

----- Andrew Gibbs 23.08.07 13:56

At a quick glance, I don’t really think of alcohol…rather sunscreen or something else. The only connection to alcohol is the fat helvetica, which actually makes me think of listerine or pocket paks ??, but then you see the distinct alcohol name on the bottom.

I agree about the packaging concept and it’s potential. But the lack of reputable alcohol brands and the somewhat lackluster graphic design, makes me think it’s a bit inferior to the existing shot bottles available from major producers. What is the price point on these pocket shots? Perhaps if too low, they won’t get cred for quality perception. Either way, I would rather have a premium brand I trust.

----- Mario Vellandi 23.08.07 12:47

Ummm, actually, they look like big bottles of lube. You go ladies!

----- Funktion ill 23.08.07 09:20

hmmm it looks like the bag where urine is placed don’t you think?

----- eggplant 23.08.07 02:16

Gorgeous packaging and very great idea.

Now ladies won’t be able to ruin my clothing when they throw their drinks at me.

----- Chris Papadopoulos 22.08.07 21:22

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