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Juliette Has a Gun- 08.25.07

juliettehasagun.jpgJuliette Has A Gun. New fragrance line i first posted over at NotCouture as #457, but back then i hadn’t tracked down the website, and fallen even further for the packaging! I’m just in love with the branding and the logo of this whole line… luckily the west coast launch of this is available over at Fred Segal, so no excuses not to pop over there and check it out this weekend (being under 5 min away and all) - for you east coasters its at Henri Bendel - for euros and canadians, check the website.

So what’s the story with this new line? It is the brain child of Romano Ricci, the great grandson of legendary couture designer, Nina Ricci… and grandson of a great perfumer. .. and he has recruited the “untouchable master of perfumery”, Francis Kurkdjian, the brilliant creator of classic scents for Dior, Lanvin, Acqua Di Parma, and Davidoff… So how can they go wrong? Their site description of the line: “Juliette has a Gun creates perfumes made out of rose. Fragile but thorny, the romantic flower comes in different versions. Classy and sophisticated in “Lady Vengeance”, she can also appear sweet and fragile with “Miss Charming” Its Ambition? To lead a new rock & elegant trend in the perfumery world by creating romantic and original creations.”

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