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vedaPURE- 08.25.07

vedapure.jpgvedaPURE - on my late night packaging/branding finds… how sweet is this logo? And check out the stuffed elephant that comes in the gift set below. And with product names like Butt, Butt Plus, and Butter…. as well as Supple, Nurture, Scrumptious… and for vedaDUDEs: Glide, Chill, Splash… this is a family line… ok, mostly targeting moms and dads to be, as well as new parents and babies. But nice packaging, and definitely a great go to gift for all those baby showers, etc.

“vedaPURE uses the most pure, high quality ingredients. Our promise and commitment to our customers is simple: we bring nature’s best ingredients together to make safe and effective skincare for the whole family. The vedaPURE collection is formulated with organic plant and fruit extracts, soothing oils and gentle ingredients. No hidden chemicals. No misleading labels. Natural pure beauty.”


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how can u guys talk about a diety that way and no other than lord ganesha..its like putting jesus on a milk carton

----- Anonymous 05.10.07 02:27

Jay is right, and nearly that exact same Ganesh has been used on every single college Indian dance troupe flyer, underage marriage proposal, wedding invitation, yoga studio sign, and bag of Kerala hash for the past 500 years.

To their credit, this Ganesh’s ears are a bit more flappy and Dumbo-esque, making him slightly more adorable but significantly less praise-worthy.

----- Amit 30.08.07 22:16

Yeh it is Lord Ganesha..In India this may be considered a serious marketing error no matter how attractive and cute the packaging is..

----- Saumya 30.08.07 03:05

That logo is just a rendition of the Hindu diety Lord Ganesh.

----- Jay 26.08.07 23:03

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