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Ninjatown!- 08.28.07

ninjatown.jpgNinja Town! The Wee Ninja’s of Shawnimals have come a LONG WAY since we first started writing about them. [You can see all the posts here]… apparently they are now well on their way to becoming a Wii Ninja (ok ok, i couldn’t resist)… but they have a Ninja Town game coming out for Nintendo DS soon! (Trailer below!) And even more incredible… look at this cast! I can’t stop laughing from the description of the Ninja Consultant… yes, he has one arm. And “For a fee, with powerpoint presentations and flow charts in tow he’ll show you ways to make your business process more efficient by using side steps, smoke bombs and stealth hugs.” The new Ninja Town site is now up, with bios, icons, wallpapers, etc. And more images below as well for you.




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omfg i luv ninjas to death! Lmfao well i thinks this is very cute and they should have shirts cuz i would buy!

----- andrea 14.01.09 13:43

hey everyone…i just needed to say……i luv everything about these little ninja people i saw pictures of the plush things before and i just recently got the game and that rulz too. ever since i saw them i started telling all my friends and prettey much everyone i saw about these thingz. haha there were a couple nasty comments made towards me by somegrumpy people but its their loss. (: ….so……ya i just wanted to tell u how much i like the ninja people…bye

----- alex 20.11.08 15:35

Genius Idea! Only someone with a great noggin could come up with something like this. I love the descriptions. “Making a sounds like a robot about to explode.” - Personal Fav.

----- Shapes Of Sweetness 02.10.07 15:03

i have done a few plush shows with shawn and he is the best. every idea he has come up with is always sick! it’s so great to see that his ideas are be made into a game

----- luisa 28.08.07 18:19

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