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Hunter Welly Warmers- 08.28.07

fpwellies0.jpgI’m a warm weather kind of girl. I’m not a rain kind of girl whatsoever. And for some reason i desperately want Welly Warmers and some adorably simple Hunter Wellies right now. I didn’t even know Welly Warmers existed until about 5 minutes ago! So i blame Free People Blog for my new craving. Look how cute and cozy these look? More images below as well… Unfortunately Hunter’s official site isn’t quite ready yet, but these UK Boot folks seem pretty serious.


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It rains half the year here in the Philippines but for some reason people are averse to wearing any kind of rain boots. Rubber flip flops are the worst footwear to be wearing during heavy rains because they can suction to very wet pavement.

Since a couple of years back, we’ve had Plueys, and it has gained a loyal following, me included. I just wish there were a Hunter store here so that people can be aware that rubber boots are a practical buy. That, and Hunter boots are serious boots for the wet weather countries.

----- Maryanne Moll 17.10.09 23:48

I was surfing Google images for some cute rain boots to blog about when I stumbled upon your site. These boots are adorable. Great find. I want to go shopping now :)

----- Jennifer B 30.10.08 21:50

The new Hunter Boot site is up and running with loads of new designs - www.hunter-boot.com.

----- Valerie Brown 09.05.08 19:25

Very beatiful boots, red and blue are my favourites.
Infortunaly hunter have financial problems, hope she remains for many year. All must give as a gift one pair of hunter for anyone in the family.

----- Francisco 06.01.08 03:09

Welly Warmers are almost a chic as the actual wellies. Hunter has really come out with some neat colours the past couple of years. I have got to get the fuschia ones, to go with my green, chocolate, and pumpkin.

----- Dorey 30.08.07 03:39

they are serious…. haha. thanks for the call out!

----- fpgirl 29.08.07 20:14

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