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Photoshop Hero- 08.24.07

20070822.jpgYou’d buy it. (You = all designers reading). I mean how could you not? I just kind of caught myself laughing out loud a little to this one… and also realizing that i WOULD actually be able to beat my gamer friends at Photoshop Hero (versus playing backup/bass on coop Guitar Hero), and if not, i should be ashamed to own Photoshop. Ah, Penny-Arcade.


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Wow, such hostility on the ‘Cot today. People not getting their Happy Friday Faces on yet?

(I still clicked through to Penny Arcade too, so worry not about their all-important hitcount)

----- The Slapster 24.08.07 13:36

Wow, way to steal their hits and blogspam. You could’ve just put the first frame up or something.

----- mbstrlbstr 24.08.07 11:50

Someone has to make this game.

----- cypherpunk 24.08.07 11:15

fuckin idiot

----- Anonymous 24.08.07 10:02

this rocks, I’d so kick at that game if it existed.

----- jojo 24.08.07 07:37

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