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Mari Urban Renewal- 08.22.07

mariurbn.jpgConfession of the day: i totally google and google blogsearch ‘notcot’ (and tastespotting and notcouture) and get giddy when i find links and mentions to NOTCOT that are adorable, or from sites and people I end up totally hooked on. It is a guilty pleasure that people claim you’ll get bored of, but that’s such a lie. It just gets more exciting ~ especially all of the different languages, and its actually part of how i discover some incredible sites and designers. So today’s find that has me grinning like an idiot?

Mari Santos does magical things with giant tshirts… i found this DIYThing interview with her about her, her life, her inspiration, her Urban OutFitters Urban Renewal Project - “Urban was looking for 20 artist/designers to work on some pieces for their Urban Renewal line, so I submitted some of my designs to them. A couple of days later, I received an email asking me if I’d be interested in working with them–I said yes, of course. I’ll be customizing some sweaters for their Urban Renewal Artist Customized project, and they’ll be sold in select Urban stores sometime during the holidays, so I’m really excited.” (CONGRATS!)

Basically - long story short - she mentions her love of NOTCOT.org in her interview, and then i also noticed she links us on her page as well! All of which i noticed after completely falling for how adorable her Tshirt surgeries are (see her Urban Renewal Entry page)… and i’m so blown away i had to share it with you… more that i love below.

Oh - and who is she? “I’m an artist and an indie designer from Toronto that is inspired by just about everything around me. I get quite happy when I’m able to turn hideous things pretty, and my favourite conversations usually involve my 3 year old sister. I also like naps and raspberry jelly.”



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how do i make it????????/

----- Monika 02.09.11 12:32

LOVE YOU,love you design.!!! 加油!!

----- soos 10.04.08 10:07

too damn cute for my human eyeballs.

----- max 24.09.07 13:33

hey,it’s a beauty with inspiration.

----- Allen 06.09.07 00:41

my granddaughters will be your granddaughters if you play your cards right. and their grandmother will be famous and will smoke cigarettes with a holder

----- d 26.08.07 19:00

How cute! My granddaughters will love this.

----- Rock Kauser 26.08.07 15:11

i love you.

----- mikejonesthethird 24.08.07 23:39

ho ho ho oh

----- a 23.08.07 22:06

Holy Jeez! NOTCOT, you rule so hard, it hurts sometimes. :D

----- Mickey 23.08.07 08:59

Wow! Very Rad! Love the details!

----- dena 23.08.07 08:18

Yeah Ben, she is extremely cute.

And now i know that I ever want exposure, i just have to mention NOTCOT in an interview. ;)

Now, i just have to get an interview.

----- Josh 23.08.07 06:52

I think I may be in love. With both the designs and Mari herself. By golly.

----- Ben 23.08.07 05:14


----- Carrot 23.08.07 03:57


i check for updates here all the time, and one i’ve never seen that i would definitely look forward to finding, is a nifty id case.

i noticed on the notcot video near the end when talking about the face your pockets project, an urbanoutfitters id case was thrown on the scanner.

there have to be more out there!

----- nicole 23.08.07 01:14

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