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Breakable Gift Wrap- 09.15.07

breakable.jpgNotCouture #942 points out these great Fang Cufflinks, that are less than traditional (close up below)… and as i went exploring the Stephen Einhorn site i discovered their brilliant twist on Gift Packaging. (And its also making me kick myself, wondering why i didn’t think of more creative ways to explore the idea of packaging when it came to gifts before!)…

They will gift wrap” your jewelry in a plaster heart, painted whatever color you desire (silver, gold, black, red, pink, etc)… and upon receipt the recipient has to break the heart to get their gift… doesn’t it really feel more like a prize at that point? Or like the grown up version of those toy in the plastic eggs from the machines? And i love how this makes you rethink about the concept of the giftwrap as you open it as well… forcing upon you the idea that (unlike wrapping paper or those plastic eggs) this is a no return kind of move… you’ll never have that heart again? Anyhow, i love the idea of how this changes the gift receiving experience!


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TWISTED! Break the heart first, then get the good stuff…I love it.

----- sheiko 23.09.07 12:12

Very cool - destructible packaging! I wonder if it includes a small silver mallet to inflict the appropriate amount of damage.

----- The Slapster 15.09.07 13:26

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