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Burberry Studs- 09.18.07

burberrymain.jpgI seem to have grown a certain morbid fascination with this Burberry Studded line… it started with the so called exclusive Knight Bag for Neiman Marcus’ 100th anniversary (ok maybe i’m delusional, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up there anymore) that was showing up on the main Burberry site as well… then it moved on to the umbrella i couldn’t ignore with that ad in every fashion mag this month. And then i saw the actual bag over at Stanford Shopping Center (ghetto pearl pic below)… and tonight i just couldn’t help myself and wandered across all the various Burberry country sites and found all the different products and images. But the real question is… does this not seem like studded version of “bling it on” taken to what should be high end goods? My gut reaction is that it is “as seen on tv” meets high fashion? Check out how odd that trench looks with the overstudding. And the shoes are painful. But the umbrella, why do i still want it so badly? It has that sleek black badass slightly punk image going on… yet its burberry. My inner preconceived branding biases are so conflicted on this one. Is this like when they tried to change from plaid to dots? and now they are trying the studs? Ok done ranting, i just don’t get it.






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Just saw the umbrella a couple days ago, and yes, I cant get it out of my mind—I want it. However, does anyone know if the studs begin to rust if used in actual rainy weather? Or is this simply a fashion piece designed to block one from too much sun perhaps?

----- Melissa 27.08.08 22:21

If that umbrella is leather instead of nylon, this is the hottest thing I have ever seen.

----- Joey Roth 18.09.07 07:22

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