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Chanel Randomness- 09.12.07

chanelstuffmain.jpgBeing the packaging/product junkie that i am ~ as cool as traditional Chanel products may be, i found great pleasure in the attention to detail they took to every aspect of our adventure. The name tags… super thick rubbery tags with our names embedded in them with the Chanel logo (see the side view pic below to fully understand)… i have had an obsession with black on black pencils since high school (they were somehow my good luck pencils for SATs and all scantron tests ~ wow did i just date myself?), and the Chanel black pencils with silver logo were so classic, with matching note pads with tiny logo and black backing… the gloss on matte folders for press kits… and the headshots were just to funny not to share, i’m quite sad we didn’t get them first so we could play full on starstruck fan kids and get them autographed. See it all below…

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3 Notes

The id card is très chic! Chanel knows what bloggers really want.

----- Margherita 13.09.07 03:46

What a fascinating trip you’ve had. Congratulations on getting the invite.
Did they put you up at the Ritz? —Grace

----- Grace 12.09.07 22:25

That is the greatest id card I’ve ever seen.

----- Breliant 12.09.07 13:08

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