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Narguile by Nedda El-Asmar- 09.08.07

hookah1.jpgThere are hookahs/shishas and then there is the Narguile by Nedda El-Asmar for Parisian Airdiem. I can’t imagine a more enticing hookah for the design set… it screams luxe, and the minimalist shape is just beautiful… also the details like the black and white tubes, interchangeable mouth pieces, brown carrying case, and even special tweezers for the coals.




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Airdiem is not only interested in how the hookah looks but also in how well it works, with a constant eye towards hygiene and safety. The materials are all certified food-grade. The innovative burner, for example, incorporates the latest health recommendations.
The hi-tech ceramic burner is made of a material used in aeronautics and high-end watch making. It holds the coal on a superfine stainless steel mesh instead of aluminum foil, again out of concern for safety and hygiene.

Built with a double chamber, it distills the mixture to the ideal temperature for a guaranteed mild smoke.

Highly distinctive designers work with Airdiem, creating hookahs that belong to today. These are visionary artists whose great pleasure is to put themselves into their designs.

see www.airdiem.com

----- Eric 20.07.09 04:12

where can i get one and how much?

----- Justin Noble 05.01.09 20:00

This is one coool Shisha hookagh Ghalion what ever you are gonna call andtrust me i have seen plenty of cool shishas, i just which this was more affordable!

----- Ali 10.09.07 20:15

You can find them online, but the average going price seems to be around €900.00EUR.

Unfortunately, more than I am currently willing to spend on a narghile, no matter how beautiful.

----- Chris 10.09.07 15:02

Where can you buy one?

----- Matthew Campbell 09.09.07 14:47

wow! how much does this cost?!

----- ely 09.09.07 13:53

Form - ok, not very iconic - boring. Mouthpiece does not reflect the grace of the form - lacks cohesion. Yes, the cording is the best thing about the whole piece and casing. Wider base would prevent tipping. I would love to see how the tube connects to the body. Base seems so narrow it begs to be tipped it over, unlike the old school hookahs - wide base+glass+water gives it a nice sturdy base. How does one get the bowl out? The tongs are sleek for the coals to slip right out, like catching fish with bare hands. Where does one keep the tongs while not using them? Metal heats up pretty fast, thumbs seem pretty close to the business end. Tongs look too busy in contrast with main form or mouthpiece, and change of material - completely breaks up the dna. If one would look at each piece separately, could one tell they’re from the same set? It is nice to look at - i agree. Sorry 4 length…

----- mit 09.09.07 13:32

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