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NOTCOT.org Roundup- 09.30.07

NOTCOT.org #6466NOTCOT.org #6464NOTCOT.org #6455NOTCOT.org #6454NOTCOT.org #6445NOTCOT.org #6437NOTCOT.org #6409NOTCOT.org #6388NOTCOT.org #6368NOTCOT.org #6344Click the images to see more! Here are some of my personal favorite from NOTCOT.org ~ those laptop sleeves by Working Class Heroes actually made me give in and register on Etsy to buy two… (more on that soon probably, they are my obsession of the night having just gotten back to LA from Philly). Also Marian Bantjes post on her latest work: the Saks Fifth Avenue “Want It!” Campaign… is the most adorably inspiring post i’ve seen in a long time, not to mention the work itself is incredible. Her calligraphic pieces showed up in everything from emails and brochures, to window displays, carpets, and 3d sculptures.


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“…actually made me give in and register on Etsy…”

*made* you? i’d like to hear what was keeping you from registering before!

----- brandy 01.10.07 10:49

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