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Ost trifft West- 09.22.07

chinagerm.jpgI just got im’d this article from the China Digital Times about Yang Liu’s “Ost trifft West” ~ East versus West. It is an incredible infographic exhibition simply depicting some humorous differences between the cultures. Above (l-r) are queuing, a weekend street scene (personal space!), in a restaurant, and self. This exhibition was live in German Ministry of foreign affairs May - June 07, images of the actual exhibition are below from Yang Liu’s site. If you check out the pictures carefully, you can see some pieces that seem to depict coke vs tea, waking over a spot versus around it, seeing with your eye versus a camera… and from her site, it sounds like there will be a book coming!




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Max you’re right.

----- ber 27.09.07 12:54

great display but wouldn’t a more accurate translation be east meets west?

----- max 26.09.07 08:46

This info graphics are really funny. they are just as true for india as they are for china. i wish Liu would put her entire collection online for us to see. Great post. thanks.

----- yamir 24.09.07 17:16

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