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Blackberry + Island- 10.27.07

bbislandmain.jpgMy blackberry pearl just had a hardware failure last night. The volume increase button is broken… and i lasted a few hours before i had to go into the store and have it dealt with (don’t even talk to me about calling in… ugh. i tried.)… so a replacement is on its way… in a few DAYS. While further phone hunting (naturally in my frustration i turn to distracting myself with new options) ~ i discovered that you get a free personal ISLAND with the Blackberry 8830 over at Sprint.

Ok ok, so after you delve into all the small print, its just a crazy over exaggerated campaign microsite (privateislandoffer.com) ~ that reminds me quite a bit of the Nokia ones (Remember Great Pockets that was on .org?). So it turns out if you want to buy the $10.5 million phone with free island, you are actually paying the $199.99 and then $10,500,000.00 for the “exotic island with amenities” according to the fake checkout… since as soon as i tried to buy it ~ it pops up “Are you sure you’re a billionaire? There is no way we would sell a commodity as precious as an island on a site that just anyone could access. If you are in fact a billionaire and you’re still interested in purchasing an island, our broker would be happy to help you find one…”

Anyhow, the intro clip is cute ~ and their spammy sounding domain is amusing… privateislandoffer.com. Screenshots below as well.




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3 Notes

haha how fucked up lol

----- Me 28.10.07 14:36

It makes me “lol”. :)

----- pickupjojo 28.10.07 08:00

Too bad this offer is after the sub-prime mortgage disaster, otherwise a mere multi-millionaire could have snagged this with an interest-only loan…

----- cogg 28.10.07 07:59

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