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Dussault & Moneybag- 10.29.07

dussaultmain.jpgIt’s not exactly easy to find luggage that shows your character while still being not only subtle and gorgeously designed but also functional… particularly when it comes to slick leather travel gear. Just stumbled upon (ok, well got an invite to their Melrose grand opening party, and naturally got distracted browsing the site) Dussault’s fall collection ~ and although you may be more familiar with their hoodies, jeans, and tees and their Gene Simmon’s Moneybag collection… it was really their leather carry-ons and messenger bags that grabbed me. From afar, these bags look like rugged leather duffle rollers, which i’m sure will age nicely with everything it could possibly bump into, and upon closer inspection you will notice that they have skull and money bag patterns pressed into sections of them as well as the calligraphic Dussault D’s for zipper pulls. The classic leather wallet with moneybags imprinted also just makes me smile ~ can’t you imagine a banker on wall street pulling one of these out of his bespoke suit pocket? It’s all about the subtle details that make you look twice. Close ups below…




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The best wallets and money bag ever !!!

----- Robertoelgrande 06.08.11 10:07

How much is the carry on? It would be nice if there was a price

----- brad 04.02.09 16:09

great post…thanks so much notcot!

for pics of the store that is about to launch on Melrose check out:


----- plopculture.blogspot.com 29.10.07 11:48

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