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EXCLUSIVE: Diesel Fuel For Life- 10.18.07

fuelmain.jpgI’m sure you’ve heard by now that Diesel has branched out into fragrances: Fuel For Life… its been hard to miss their campaign this season! Well we are super stoked to be giving you this weekend exclusive about the new Fuel For Life FACTORY! Where you can use their flashy online customizer to design your own zippered leather jacket for your bottle of Fuel For Life. With a range of colored leathers and logos for the front and back and even the zipper pull leathers to customize… you have quite a few choices to make. And only 20,000 of these bottles will be produced, so starting on Monday, you’ll have your chance to build and buy your own, but until then you can explore the current Fuel For Life site with interactive experiences to keep you busy and ads to watch until then. (Screenshots of all below!)

This is the one Shade Elaine and i designed to test out ~ we’ll update this post when it shows up to show you how the real life product and the flash mockup compares!

The Diesel Fragrances homepage has been teasing users for weeks with this little “Be the first to customize your bottle” countdown…

Here’s what you begin with:

Here’s what you can choose from:

Curious what options you can create? Here are a selection of samples as sent over from their PR ~ a little something for everyone i suppose? Although i sure would love to be able to somehow customize the fishnet look of the regular women’s scent! Or how sweet would it be to unzip the custom jacket and have the fishnet below? Still waiting on the sample bottle i designed to make its way over ~


(From the Press Release)
Concept : Diesel Creative Team led by Wilbert Das
Fuel for Life
Masculine or feminine, a unique perfume to be customized at diesel.com
• 150,000 possible combinations
• Choice of 10 colours for the leather pouches, 10 shades for the leather strap and 10 laser engraved designs.
• Limited edition of 20,000 products
• List of distributing countries: France / Germany / Italy / Spain / Austria / Finland / Ireland / Portugal / Netherlands / United Kingdom / United States / Canada
• Recommended price: €80 in Europe // $55 in the United Kingdom // $129 in the United States and Canada
• Visit http://www.diesel-parfums.com/factory on the 22nd of October


The microsite for the Fuel For Life lets you take chances, spinning the wheel for various interactive experiences ~ like wandering a virtual world and meeting others ~ doodling your fantasies ~ watching all of their ads that ask you “ARE YOU ALIVE?”…. and then reminding you to “use with caution”

Here are the doodles!

Here are the two non customized bottles as you’ve probably been seeing in ads and stores around the world:


UPDATED Dec 23, 2007

UGH. I’m embarrassed to show this, but to be thorough you need to see it… its more expensive AND uglier than i ever imagined. I had assumed that the mediocre flash imagery would be made up for by the usual diesel packaging/product quality, but instead the result is something i would probably be slapped for, and accused of peddling a bad fake if tried to sell it on ebay of craigslist.


It feels terrible and looks like someone has scraped away at the leather…

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5 Notes

could u please tell me the names of the models

----- jasmin 18.12.07 03:15

This is really cool…unfortunately, i dont like the scent…i wish you could do this for other perfumes…like my current favorite, Hugos XY. Plus i liked their video better than diesels’

----- PerfumerConsumer 05.11.07 10:00

Site launches monday!
(no passwords will be necessary once it launches!)

----- jean 20.10.07 14:58

When is the site opening ?

----- Frank 20.10.07 09:31

Well, no comment on the perfume itself? I’ve bought the “For Her” version and I still don’t feel comfortable wearing it. It is oddly food-like: sugary, juicy, sticky. It’s like wearing marshmallows. Odd, provocative, not quite chic or classy. More Hello Kitty than Chanel. Makes you think about where Diesel wants its brand to be…

----- LivePaola 19.10.07 22:43

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