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Joshua Targownik- 10.18.07

reformschool1.jpgJoshua Targownik has left me speechless. This guy emails in saying “I am a professional photographer who shoots products for Reform School. I recently shot the exterior and interior for Los Angeles Magazine. Take a look and see if you’d like to use a better image for your post.” (referring to NOTCOT.org #6732)… and at first i’m thinking, wow, no one’s ever really written in to suggest a better picture before, and first thing in my mind is “uh oh, i wonder if the picture up is REALLY bad!” OR… “maybe this guys images are better,… or he just wants us to look at his portfolio?” YES i’m a bit jaded these days, people send some weird stuff to try and get written about ~ some are quite shameless. BUT. Joshua Targownik’s images are GORGEOUS. Reform School looks like this picture perfect dollhouse filled with goodness. And instead of trying to justify why i’m posting them, even though Reform School is already linked on .org… well look how pretty he made it? I couldn’t help myself? The images are so inspiring. So, i’m thinking… next time we need to shoot things in LA, we may have to call up Joshua and beg him to help us look pretty.

Also the Reform School’s redesign is really beautiful in that playful collagey way that we love so much ~ so thrown a screenshot of that below as well. And it figures that it was designed by ALSO ~ who also did Design*Sponge’s new site and all the Busy Beaver stuff i love.




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Just went there on sunset junction.

Won’t go back. Sucked

----- Jonathan 21.10.07 23:52

Hehe ~ Margherita ~ it wasn’t MY picture so much as someone that submitted ~ but yes his are still awesome!

----- notcot 19.10.07 10:18

Your photo was pretty good, but yes Joshua’s pics are better!

----- Margherita 19.10.07 08:59

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