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Walteria Living and WSPA- 10.01.07

endangeredchocmain.jpgChocolate combined with beautifully sculpted animals AND proceeds to aid WSPA, the world society for the protection of animals? That fits what we’re all about pretty perfectly. Walteria Living’s Endangered Species Chocolates designed by Kathleen Walsh and Anita Mothersbaugh are part of their new HMS (her majesty’s ship) Collection. Each box contains a Pygmy Hippopotamus, Mountain Gorilla, and Koala Bear. The series makes reference to consumption with an emphasis on conservation education. See close ups below for the incredible attention to detail in these chocolates, as much as i may love chocolate, these may just be too beautiful to consume.


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I read about this Wired as well and they look awesome but I can’t find them on the Walteria site anymore so I assume they’ve been discontinued.

----- Bryan Campbell 22.08.08 20:57

You might want to present these at this event—


----- Dave 13.12.07 21:10

Did Walteria Living steal this idea or is it the same company as http://www.chocolatebar.com/ ? I found that site while I was searching for information on the cocoa source for this chocolate. Most cocoa is produced in a way that threatens local farmers, rainforest and endangered species so these chocolates could be very cynical….

----- Gert 12.10.07 22:51

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