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Hendrick’s Gin- 10.23.07

hendricksnew1.jpgI wrote about Hendrick’s Gin back in April of 06… back before i even tasted it, but came across their ad in BusinessWeek and fell for the playful design of their site and bottle… i love their old style that has a very Monty Python feel to it at times. And without even tasting, i showed you their Unusual Times which was quite funny and well put together. Well since then, i’ve hunted it down ~ first in Oxford at a random bar my sister took me to, and then finally found it in LA as well… and as a non-gin lover, Hendrick’s is my gin of choice… because its the least gin-tasting… its got a wonderfully delicious infusion of cucumbers and Bulgarian rose… my favorite is having it in a gin & tonic with slices of cucumber, but will definitely have to explore more of the mixes soon…

Anyhow, new news from them ~ they are launching a new campaign, and its fun to see how they’ve grown since then… and staying true to their branding, the new ads and point of sale pieces were so fun i had to share! They describe themselves as “A brand that embraces the unusual with odd and inventive advertisements that feature collages of absurd images with playful intelligence.” And i couldn’t agree more. Well, go see the pics and vids below ~ more fun tidbits of info about them mixed in as well.





Here’s the new ad that goes with it:

Just for fun ~ i quite liked the way they worded this funky press release:

Hendrick’s - A Most Unusual Gin

A wise man once said, “A gin is a gin is a gin – it’s the lime that matters.” And so it was, for many years. Yes, there were different ways of drinking gin – a Rickey here, a Tom Collins there, and, of course, the sublime martini leading the field. But the gin itself – well, people had their favorites (people always have their favorites), but it is doubtful that they could have selected them in a blind taste test.

Then Hendrick’s came along and introduced the concept of unusualness to this staid, rather conformist world. The first premium white spirit to be introduced by William Grant and Sons (independent family distillers since 1887 and craftsmen of The Balvenie and Glenfiddich single malt scotches), Hendrick’s now clearly demonstrates that the latest offering from these group is setting a new standard for gin production.

Why is Hendrick’s unusual? Because it is made with a free and imaginative spirit – practically speaking, this translates to hints of coriander, juniper, citrus peel, rose petals, and a curious but marvelous infusion of cucumber. Yes, cucumber. This eclectic combination of flavors achieves a harmonious balance that delights difference-seeking individuals and leaves them wholly dissatisfied with typical gins.

A second reason for Hendrick’s unusualness can be found in its country of origin: Scotland. Yes, the land of the wee dram, the kilt, the peaty treat, the single-highland-malt-Scotch-whisky is also the home of the free and brave ginmakers at Hendrick’s. But then, the Scots have always been known for their, shall we say, eccentricity.

A third reason for Hendrick’s unusualness comes from its production process. Hendrick’s is made in hand-crafted small batches in Ayrshire, Scotland. Brought to life in column stills, distillery manager Mike Webber infuses this elixir with seven distinct botanicals. It is then exported to the United States by Scotland’s own William Grant & Sons, where it retails for $32.99 – a small price to pay for a gin like no other.

A final word concerning how to enjoy the particular pleasures of this unusual gin. Hendrick’s is wonderful chilled straight and mixes beautifully in a whole host of cocktails. Hendrick’s lovers also speak rapturously of its “backbone,” a forthright strength that makes it perfect in a mixed drink topped with a slice of cucumber. Hold the lime.

Also, because i just can’t help it… they have some GREAT videos of the Hendrick’s Olympiad 07:

And here’s their Kissing Booth… i just love the aged intros they use…

Also…. there was an awesome Gin page in this month’s GQ - i love the way they match the Hendrick’s style so nicely!
Click this image to read the full page -

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I’m a big fan of Hendricks’ gin. You have any idea were to order the glass on a foot (see the first photo on the right)

I’m from Belgium and can’t find it here…


Sara (sara.de.vriese@hotmail.com)

----- Sara De Vriese 16.12.11 09:16

I love this gin! Muddle a seedless english cucumber with lime juice, pinch of sugar/splash simple syrup, serve on the rocks with club soda.

----- Pat 20.11.09 13:58

… and it’s b/c of gin lovers like YOU, that make the appreciation of Hendricks that much better! GREAT WEBSITE! and yeah, if you get a case, I’d be more than honored to help you polish of a bottle or two … (lol)
Be easy …

----- benepenny 10.03.08 13:46

hendrick’s rules…hard to find but well worth the search. love me some cucumber giin.

----- plopculture 29.10.07 11:49

I discovered the Hendriks Gin last night when a good friend offered me a glass - I am thrilled! The cucumber was also a big surprice.
On top of all that - this is a super website that has the touch of true love to this faboulus gin.

The best…

----- Tom 28.10.07 05:12

If you do get the free case, feel free to send me a bottle or two! I love Hendricks!

----- Christiane 24.10.07 18:53

i luv henricks too! nothing beats a bad week like a henricks martini with cucumber slices : )

----- debs 24.10.07 17:16

I remember when I first found this gin in boston…I saw the bottle, was interested…found out it was gin and then proceeded to black out. delicious…yet dangerous!!

----- corey 24.10.07 10:44

One of my favorite gins as well. Thanks for the videos, I hadn’t seen them before.

----- nick 24.10.07 08:55

I think you just guaranteed yourself a big old case of free gin from Hendricks when they find this review. :)

----- cjk 24.10.07 04:04

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