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Neiman Marcus Pop Up Book- 10.11.07

nmpopup.jpgFunny how the things of the past are making such a great comeback this season. Just this week i was joking (ok i was pretty serious) that NOTCOT needed a good pop up book ~ inspired by some adorably “PULL ME” screaming tabs that Linhchi designed in one of our new mock ups… and then i open the 100th Anniversary Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2007, and what do they have on the last page? Yup, limited edition Neiman Marcus Pop-Up Book! And it looks incredible ~ not to put down my brilliant bert and ernie pop up books of my childhood, but that girl’s pop up dress is made up of tons of photos! And in the pics below, that isn’t a real person looking at the page closely ~ its a pop up person! Anyhow, i need to get my hands on one of these to do a proper book review clearly. Oh, and in proper Neiman Marcus style ~ it looks like you get about 6 pop ups for a mere $125.


Their description?

Perhaps it’s our affinity for the dramatic. Or maybe it’s our penchant for the out-of-the-ordinary. Whatever the case, documenting our 100 year history in a book could never be a mundane undertaking. From storyboards to paper testing, camera angles to prototypes, every minute detail was concepted and re-imagined to bring our unique story to life.

Welcome to the enchanted universe of the Neiman Marcus Pop Up Book. This limited-edition memento follows a young girl’s journey through Neiman Marcus from past to present. Our signature butterfly and an over-the-top Christmas make appearances, as well as our world-renowned art collection.

This unexpected take on the pop-up book brings surprises on every page. What happens if I pull this? Or flip that? Where will our heroine end up next? The only way to find out is to open the pages!

OH ~ and for my other choice picks from the book…. see the 100ft topiary dragon, steamer trunk bar, and more!

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Je suis passionnée des pop-up et je suis tombée en admiration devant ce livre extraordinaire. Je lis que c’est une édition limitée. Donc je suppose qu’il ne me sera pas possible de l’avoir.
Est ce qu’une personne peut me renseigner.

----- REGNIER 25.04.12 04:12

I have researched the 2007 Neiman Marcus Pop up book. From your article above, you state you need to examine one to do a proper book review. I happen to own this book. One of many I am sure. You may contact me at the above address. I look forward to hearing from you.
Barbara Clark

----- Barbara Clark 21.03.10 13:57

Amazing! I love pop up books, especially the more ornate ones

----- visa 12.10.07 02:12

Amazing! I love pop up books, especially the more ornate ones.

The cover is amazing too. Love the typography and the fact that it looks like one of those old children’s books that everyone had in their bookshelves.

----- Victor 11.10.07 15:51

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