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NM 100th Christmas Book- 10.11.07

nm100book.jpgThe extravagance of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Books are always an annual visual indulgence for me ~ majority of the pieces being laughably gaudy… and always a few that i covet (for my fantasy world)… it has become ritualistic page flipping, much like the annual IKEA catalogs. This year with their 100th Anniversary, it’s only MORE over the top ~ and as always, their fantasy gifts don’t disappoint ~ with everything from the $100,000 Touch Screen “Media Wall” to the Treetent hanging pod and a Swami “conversational robot”… But my favorite? The 100 ft long Dragon Topiary constructed from 15 indigenous plants… next year i’d need the moat to go with it… and then a castle? More pics below ~ and also of my *other* hopeful prediction of comebacks… the Steamer Trunk! I’ve been coveting an old style one to accommodate my trips where i throw my life in my car and take off for what can be anything from a few days to a few months… must have a way to stash it all nicely, like a pop up insta-closet. But check out the Steamer Trunk Bar below…


Their descriptions always amuse me:
Imagine Jones’s face when he putters out on his riding mower Saturday morning and catches a glimpse of your new front yard. He’s likely to decapitate the wife’s roses. Of course, our 100th anniversary 100-foot long dragon topiary from Black Barn Farm isn’t meant (just) to inspire envy.

First and foremost, it’s a living, natural work of art from topiary artist Matthew Larkin, complete with gold-leafed horns, claws, teeth, and fins. With its blown-glass eyes and custom-welded steel frame, it’s an investment, really.

Whipped up on your land with 15 indigenous plants, it’s a gift you can give yourself and your heirs. Work some Tom Sawyer mojo, and Jonesy will be offering to trim it for you.

Here is my much coveted Waterford Crystal Bar Trunk Now i just need a matching set up for my wardrobe and shoes!

“Oh, for the days of traveling splendor. This handsome rosewood bar trunk is ours exclusively, with brass accents and handsome leather trim. Inside, it is stocked with a staggering array of the world’s finest barware in Irish crystal, along with a crystal clock and serving dish. To seal the deal, there’s also a four-piece sterling silver-plated bar tool set and eight Versace canapé serving plates. 54”H x 24”W x 24”D. Cheers!”

And this is the oh so adorable Treetent ~ and since i’ve been playing a bit too much Dewey’s Adventure lately… this seems to perfectly embody that game… giant droplet… hangin’ out with the trees?

They say:

What exactly is going on in there? A totally new way to experience nature. A limited-edition dollop of sci-fi futurism. A 13-foot-tall cred-building choice that silences that, “We hate camping!” whining once and for all. Dutch sculptor and designer Dré Wapenaar has earned international fame for making the world’s coolest architectural tents.

Nestled among the branches, up off the ground, there’s a nine-foot-diameter hardwood floor and groovy round mattress inside. It sleeps two adults comfortably and also makes the world’s coolest tree fort/spaceship (with adjustable planetary landing steps). Send the kids to granny’s every once in a while and let the rising sun wake just the two of you.

OH and don’t forget the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition POP UP BOOK either ~ i just couldn’t resist and needed to give it its own post!

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