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Niwaka Rings- 10.04.07

[NOTCOT Note: I’m so honored that Anna chose to share the beautiful packaging of her wedding rings with us. Again, congratulations to Anna and Sean on their wedding last month! I can’t wait to see what else is going to be coming out of Sub-Studio this fall.]

As you might know, Sean and I got married in September. Sean bought my engagement ring from this amazing Japanese jeweler, Niwaka, and we loved the ring so much that we decided to get our wedding bands from them, too. Niwaka’s designs are (mostly) very simple and elegant, with clean lines and a twist on the traditional ring setting. Niwaka pays close attention to detail, and that extends to their packaging, as well. The rings sit in a two-piece, white ceramic box (it looks like a tooth in profile!), which comes packaged itself in a simple wooden box. A red ribbon ties the box together. So that the wooden box sits flat, two holes are cut into the bottom of two side faces to allow the ribbon to run concealed along the inside of the box. Niwaka has stores in Kyoto and New York. You can see more ring designs on their website.



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As for the rings themselves?

You can read more about them on Anna’s blog.

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Does anybody know if it’s possible to order rings from their website, if so, how? Or if not, how?

----- Brittany Miller 20.05.08 13:55

Oops, this is a little late but I missed your comment until now - the Niwaka store has moved to 608 Fifth Ave, New York NY. Phone number: 212-941-5410.

----- Sub-Studio 03.01.08 11:17

Hello! Does anyone know where their store moved to???

----- rantingpixie 29.10.07 08:46

Does anybody else know any other designer rings in this type of style? I’ll be looking into getting my girlfriend an engagement ring soon, and I wanted to get something a little different.

----- Alberto 07.10.07 15:40

Maybe the soft material around the rings in the ceramic box would be better in black or a very deep red.

----- Fussy 06.10.07 15:23

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