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Diesel Sweeties Surprise- 10.03.07

dsyay.jpgMmmm Diesel Sweeties. As if its not enough that they amuse me daily, this surprise package just showed up and i can’t stop grinning. The latest comics, stickers, and buttons! “It’s fun to use learning for evil!” ~ i’m currently debating whether to stick this over the the glowing apple on my macbook pro. I’m not even a cat person, but i do love that cat button… ahhh emo emoticons… and rockers do rock out…

OK ~ so since they sent extras, it only seems appropriate to keep sharing the love. So leave me a note, and i’ll pick the most amusing commenter (about why you love diesel sweeties, notcot, pixels, etc) at midnight (PST) tonight to send a copy of Diesel Sweeties Print Dailies Vol. One and some notcot pins! [UPDATE! The winner has been emailed!]

As much as it really feels like online people aren’t real most of the time… its things like this that remind me otherwise.




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36 Notes

wait. so the results haven’t been posted? i’d like to know just who was more clever than everyone else.

----- Anonymous 09.10.07 02:20

i heart the heart pin =)

----- Maria 08.10.07 18:02

Give me some sweeties and I,ll let you see my puppies.

----- bluboy 05.10.07 03:47

Holy FSCK I want!!!

----- Paradise 04.10.07 17:35

I guess i don’t check this site nearly enough i missed the deadline by a long while.

----- josh 04.10.07 05:58

Although Im not familar with Deisel Sweeties as they don’t seem to have it in Australia I AM a daily notcot reader —- missed yesterday but that was because I was abducted by aliens. If you’ve got an extra set of goodies I sure would love you:)

----- Marie Gutierrez 04.10.07 01:53

and me, and me….

----- Jose (ViaComIT) 04.10.07 01:52

Knowing about notcot and diesel sweeties has given me a privilege over all my other friends, especially among the ladies.

Yup, I mention them all the time, and you can tell the looks on their faces are all about fascination and… and… infatuation… and… and… oh yeah.

----- Mofa 04.10.07 01:48

HEY i love pixels more than anyone else in here, I;ve been eating them with milk for breakfast 12 years now.

oh, PIXELS , you mean those little fireflies in my screen?

----- cotik 04.10.07 00:22

damn it.
i missed the deadline.

----- Kahnowerh 03.10.07 23:54

Pressing the NotCot link from my browser’s favorites bar is the second thing I do every morning, right after switching my computer on (and of course, waiting for the sucker to boot). I already ordered the NotCot buttons, and I would love some more NotCot art to put on my backpack.

----- Cosmin 03.10.07 23:25

Any left? What a flood of comments already!

I love Diesel Sweeties :)

----- esotericsean 03.10.07 22:58

an extremely interesting idea for a comic and the buttons are awesome. this made my day.

i need some

----- Bryan 03.10.07 22:39

Pixels taste better with milk.

Now I feel edgy…

----- Six in One 03.10.07 22:17

Addon: Should’ve used a few ‘s, the CLANGO doesn’t show. [Cur, Lar, And, Not, Glim, Oh] Darn comment constriction befuddled my faultless format.

Diesel Sweeties, Caveat Lector, and Three Panel Soul/Machall FTW. Seeing one of ‘em on NOTCOT fills me with utter contention.

----- Chris Winn 03.10.07 22:06

When I was 16 I wrote myself into a Diesel Sweeties comic. No joke. I didn’t know anything about design, so I filled in each individual pixel using the zoom feature in MS Paint.
It took me, like, 6 hours.

I live in Canada. Yay beavers.

----- Karri 03.10.07 22:05

Great Batman’s codpiece! What a nice audience you have here.

----- rstevens 03.10.07 21:46

notcot and redheaded pixel pornstars. what better way to procrastinate?

----- amanda 03.10.07 21:34

Black eyes are the new red eyes!

----- emsix 03.10.07 21:34

Curious webcomicry, what pixels present?
Larks proffered and puzzling!
And robotic dissent! Avast be allusion, to Canadian and indie lament.
Not series of tubes, or roombas to such extent!
Glimmering innuendos of wanton ways to pay the rent.
Oh Stevens we adore you, without unilateral dissent!

Oh I am late, and I do believe RStevens and the whole community of LJ’s “poem” division want my hide. What a night!

At least I can fufill my quota of bad jokes without putting ymself in harms way. Unless there be hackers on steroids…

----- Chris Winn 03.10.07 21:29

it’s like twitter for your messenger bag! fucking hipsters.

----- pheebz 03.10.07 21:20

this could only be a better gift if nachos were given as well… robots and nachos and a few pins. oh. and my birthday is sunday. yes. i will guilt people into gifts.

----- michael Egan 03.10.07 20:37

Can’t say if it’s amusing or not, but Notcot keeps me a half-step ahead of my oh-so-cooler than I Wife, most times.

Oh, and she’s sleeping off a vacation wine-buzz next to me as I type ohhhhhh so quietly! On Her MacBook no less. Thank you, hotel WiFi gods, you are indeed merciful and benevolent.

----- The Slapster 03.10.07 20:32

Pants hold no keys!
Especially not the one to overcoming your robot shame.

----- danielle 03.10.07 19:51

I found your site from last.fm about a year ago. And I’m addicted to it. I have all the NOTCOT sites tabbed at all times and refresh ever-so-often to see what is new. And who doesn’t like free comics and buttons? =)

----- Heather 03.10.07 19:36

notcot.org, my daily intake of creativity, my fortress of inspiration, my saviour when i’m bored. Now it kinda sounds like i’m desperate for the diesel comic book, pins and stickers………..think about it, what would jesus do?…send them to ME.o(O_O)o

----- Naver 03.10.07 19:31

btw, I live by the Venn Diagram of music you like, vs music I like, the intersection being Music I used to like. lolz!

----- Danielle 03.10.07 19:07

ooh, ooh me!!!

----- The Manticore 03.10.07 19:05

Yes i too, do feel a need & urge to slap one of those babys on my mac its so boring plain & bland now that whenever i walk into starbucks i see a sea of macs the same as mine, also i wouldnt mind one of those comic books too to keep me busy in the loo c(=.

long live notcot & tastespotting yummm!

----- Justin 03.10.07 18:49

I promise to spread evil robot madness by pinning buttons and sticking stickers to as many innocent bystanders as you send goods.

Minus the coolest one. I’ll keep that for me onesies.

----- xix 03.10.07 18:39

You want to hear something funny? Virses are eating my computer…but instead of doing something about it I’m surfing notcot (!!!)

Please give me those stickers.

----- Claudia 03.10.07 18:30

Due to notcot, diesel sweeties, and Apple, I have so much hipster cred, I don’t know what to do with it.

----- Michael 03.10.07 18:27

i have a secret crush on rstevens that just got worse upon meeting him in person.

----- S. 03.10.07 18:24

Sorry, I’m not in the creative mood this week (I didn’t cut it in Chef School, more so I didn’t get a chance to show my skills). Nonetheless, love the stickers. On a side note Tastespotting does nothing in stopping my foodwhoredness (men can be whores too).

----- Conrad 03.10.07 18:17

All your Sweeties belong to us!

----- Josh 03.10.07 17:49

Very coll I want one

----- daniela 03.10.07 17:35

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