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Busy Beaver Tape- 10.03.07

busybeavertape.jpgIs this a bad reason to order more buttons? And design some new TasteSpotting and NotCouture ones to go with the NOTCOT two?

I was just browsing the portfolio of Also ~ who are getting a lot of attention this week for having designed Design*Sponge’s new site! And noticed they did all the Busy Beaver animations as well ~ not to mention this incredible packing tape! And i’m kicking myself for not having ordered enough to have it shipped in a box so they could tape it up… (i only got an envelope of 1000 - and not even the really cute envelope below!) Its absolutely brilliant how you give these crazy buttons haircuts when you open the package!



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man, what a great design.

and you know how I feel about buttons!! lol!!

----- corey 04.10.07 07:08

you really should order some more NotCot buttons, with different designs. The faces on the Busy Beaver package look nice enough :D

----- Cosmin 03.10.07 23:28

illustration style reminds me of the cartoon show the oblongs!

----- Bundle something 03.10.07 21:11

Wow, so awesome!!!! I think you should definitely design more buttons!

----- TokyoBunnie 03.10.07 15:58

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