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RE-BAG- 10.07.07

rebag1.jpgRe-Bag is an exhibition of Limited Edition Reusable Canvas Bags designed by 15 leading UK designers running from Oct 5-11 at the Sea Gallery in London. “Designers responded to a brief to create an image for a bag on the theme of sustainability and reusability. The resulting bags not only promote this idea but are also in themselves an ecologically friendly alternative to the use of non-green materials in everyday packaging.” Now, i’m sure by now you all know i have quite a soft spot for bags, in fact the whole team here does… and perhaps its less a soft spot and more of an obsession. BUT, that being said, i must tell you that i’m getting quite tired of all of these reusable bags that are specific to grocery shopping, etc… as if you really need yet another bag (other than the many in your closet which could probably hold groceries just as well)… as your dedicated grocery shopping bag? Anyhow, the “I’m not a plastic bag” atrocity has gotten far too much attention, and then every quick packing lightweight plastic grocery bag alternative… but now the need to collect and purchase even MORE bags? Doesn’t it seem a bit ironic that we’re still over consuming?

BUT that doesn’t keep me from wanting some of these… very fun to see how designers took on the brief and created some really fun unexpected designs. Love the two sided purse images on that bag above… and the one below with the images of “Return. Power. Shift. Control” keys is quite cute as well. All bags are screenprinted white onto dark grey canvas (440mm X 387mm) and are produced in a limited edition of 250 of each design and a mere 15 pounds each. via Serif.







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I found one on the street, someone must have dropped it. It is a lime green silk blouse type hamper for undies or undercloths, and it fits inside a small pouch like bag. Can I find out how to purchase.

----- denni eggleston 04.12.09 10:40

very cute and clever. particularly the “return power-shift control”. i think it’s great that there are many creative ways people are bringing attention to the issue of reusable bags. sorry you’re sick of grocery-specific bags, but the market is growing and there are lot of great options out there. check out www.minusbags.com

----- mb 09.10.07 14:57

I love the bags with the fancy purses that incorporate the straps into the bag. Really cute!

----- Yael Miller 09.10.07 08:22

Stolen is a slightly harsh word. Its an idea that’s quite a common solution i would say.

----- Gradiate 09.10.07 01:39

one of those ideas is stolen. fingco has been making a reusable canvas bag with a plastic bag screenprinted on it for over a year: http://www.flingco.com/fling_products_olb.htm

----- caroline 08.10.07 10:31

Humm … I disagree with this post. The reason most people don’t use a reusable bag - is because the bags out there just aren’t practical for grocery shopping. A family would need 10 of these bags if they were to really switch over from disposables. And could a you really keep one or two of these with you at all times for unexpected trips to the store. I think some of the bags designed specifically for grocery shopping are really just more functional for grocery shopping. Bags are only eco if you really use them. Find a bags you can really use - and stick with it.

----- cara 08.10.07 00:45

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