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Magic Symbols- 10.08.07

magicsymbols.jpgMagic Symbols ~ its like a secret code through silver and string - and a card. “Once it is unwrapped to its full length of almost 4 feet (46” to be precise, or 120 cm), the meaning disappears and your secret love affair would never be recognizable in public as it turns into a multi-layered necklace. Only when you wrap it around the card, does the true meaning shows up.” And that true meaning can be a heart, skull, or infinity symbol ~ seems like a brilliantly simple gesture, and also something easily replicable for the craftier kids in the group. Currently the soup du jour at Charles and Marie.


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The red and white string shown ot the pics is a traditional amulet in Bulgaria , Roumania and may be some of the others countries on the Balkan peninsula . People wear it as a bracelet , from the beginning of March till the end of the month . It’s an amulet for good health and good luck.

----- Elina 07.03.08 04:22

This is a great idea - very innovative!! I can see a fad growing out of this one. Huge.

----- Yael Miller 09.10.07 08:21

I’m already imagining me sending this to my Mr. in the mail. Oh snaps… not that we’re hiding, but oh so cool.

----- Saki 08.10.07 22:08

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