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11 Shipping Container Uses- 10.09.07

illy1.jpgI just spotted this incredibly cool shipping container/Illy cafe titled the “Push Button House” on The Cool Hunter ~ and it brought back a flood of memories, of all the other fascinating uses of shipping containers that have come up on NOTCOT in the past (full pictorial reminiscing below of more than 10 breathtaking reincarnations) from instant server black boxes to bars to art galleries and more. But check out how this Illy one opens! And how much they pack in there? Shade Elaine and i are thinking this might be the way to have the perfect mobile studio, and we can drop down in random backyards of friends all over the world? Hehe. Ok anyhow, i digress.

“Holiday shoppers milling about the Time Warner Center in New York will have a fabulous chance to experience one of these soon. Between November 28 and December 29, 2007, they can rest, relax and sip a perfect cup of illy espresso in one of Kalkin’s creations, the temporary Push Button House cafe that the Trieste, Italy-based illycaffè will install there. The European premier of this concept by Alan Kalkin and illy took place at the 52nd Venice Biennale where illy continues to partner with the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia by providing the visitors each year a space to relax and enjoy their complimentary espresso.” Adam Kalkin has an impressive portfolio of living/lounging spaces created from shipping containers as well ~ more images of those as well as an animation of the Push Button House opening below!



Here is a flash animation of the Push Button House Opening: (feel free to right click and click play if it played through too fast)

Here is Adam Kalkin’s Shelburne Museum use of Shipping Containers

Here is his Bunny Lane creation:

Here is his beautifully spacious 12 container house

For even more Adam Kalkin Shipping Container recontextualized upcycling ~ check out his site (the quick houses are pretty cool!)

Remember all the other brilliant uses of Shipping Containers we’ve written about previously too?
The Nomadic Museum in NY

The Nomadic Museum in Santa Monica ~ that was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Sun’s Project Blackbox that is a server in a shipping container as linked on NOTCOT.org #1771

The Freitag Shop Zurich as linked on NOTCOT.org #1627

Container Bar in Australia

Hulger used them at 100% Design Tokyo in 2006

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13 Notes

I manage a construction firm and we are just about moving to site to convert two I cube shipping containers into a fast food outlet, will love to share photos when we finish, I think shipping containers is the future of mass housing especially in Africa were we have housing problems….

----- Obi 18.01.13 12:32

I’ve seen this Container building in Berlin some month ago.

Container buildings by TwoTimesTwentyFeet

Container buildings are a fascinating part of modern architecture. Maybe even of future Architecture.
in particular in times of “green movement”

----- Michael 02.08.11 23:14

neato stuff. there are a bunch of these container buildings being constructed in Los Angeles. I live near one in Venice and it is jazzy. can’t wait for it too finish. everyone loves it, we call it the “love ship”

----- cara 05.12.08 22:39

Did anyone ever find a book or any publication on shipping container homes?? I am a real estate broker and would love to build one on a piece of property I own and then teach people to build them. In my area there are so many MacMansion cabins made from logs and not very green or fire resistant that I am sick of them. Wouldn’t want one if they gave it to me. I would love to introduce this concept to Southern Utah. I do not have the body strength for earthship building, etc. This is great for those of us that have limited mobility and strength.

----- Deneen McCarthy 05.11.08 07:39

I too am interested in a book or source that can help me convert a shipping container into living space. Also what is the cost for materials possibly to convert 40’ containers?

----- H cola 01.09.08 04:18

Very nice site! I plan to build a container home in South Africa. Is there anywhere where I can get some more information about converting a container?

Werner Homann
South Africa

----- werner 26.08.08 05:10

I would appreciate a book or guide to convert a container into a home.

----- Mary Lou Lockridge 06.04.08 13:07

Is there a book on how to convert these containers into offices, shops, etc. If you wanted to convert one into a studio or shop could a bethroom be installed? I sure would appreciate more information. You can e-mail me at vonstrudel@yahoo.com Thanks, Molly

----- Molly 26.01.08 14:19

keep me updated

----- whitney johnson 25.10.07 13:40

Can’t wait to see this in November here in nyc! A friend sent this to me awhile back which is also pretty cool: http://www.containercity.com/

----- Debbie 10.10.07 07:45

i notice a toilet…without any walls…aesthetics or what?

----- jess 09.10.07 16:33

Check out the projects under the Mobile Architecture section of Lot-ek’s website. They did a lot of projects in the 90’s with shipping containers. My favorite is the MDU (Mobile Dwelling Unit). They did a mobile container store for Uniqlo, too.

----- Sub-Studio 09.10.07 14:52

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