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Dilbert’s iphone hits- 10.23.07

dilbert2036666071023.gifHehehehe. Ok this 2am, this made me giggle. So maybe “we” (yes, you too perhaps!) have a bit of an internet addiction going on. Luckily i’m not yet as bad off as Dilbert here… but those occasional iphone/pearl hits are critical even when happily exploring the real world.

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Hmmm, let’s see. One one hand there’s instant access to tonnes of information about everything that interests me already and everything that’s about to. On the other there’s sitting around with a few friends listening to them talk about a limited range of generally dull social trivia about other equally uninteresting people wondering why we’re in the only coffee shop in the world that still doesn’t have wifi. Turn on, login, drop out.

----- chooseDoubt 30.10.07 10:07

No, I’m not that bad, yet …..
Ok, on to the next blog !

Aaaargh ! Help, Please someone unplug my PC !

----- Alexsandro 25.10.07 08:14

As an animator turned webdesigner i never knew the potency of the web now i’m hooked,ev’thing is now i saw this online and saw that online..it’s so…

----- Randamaniac 24.10.07 08:07

As I was reading this I thought to myself, no, I’m not like that, I find joy in the real world, like now, I’m enjoying… oh wait, this is the internet.

Has anyone else spent too long on the computer and wanted to apple-f real life?

----- Visuddha 23.10.07 21:26

I once caught myself trying to program the Tivo to record a show - from the bar at a restaurant using wireless access on my phone. I felt foolish and very much like an Addict myself.

----- The Slapster 23.10.07 17:40

amazing. i am nearly that bad. discovered i can get wireless in the wet lab. goodbye productivity.

----- rugenius 23.10.07 02:25

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