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Band-Aid Tough Box- 11.13.07

bandaid.jpgOn bizarre places to find design inspiration… this Band-Aid Tough Strips with bonus Tough Case caught my eye. I realized for starters that i really like their font, particularly on the back from reason, and what a great shade of red. Anyhow, it’s really *just* a box of bandaids, but it caught my eye ~ a few more pics of it below.



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Hi….I’m looking for a container that is like the Band-aid Tough Box to hold brochures (so a little larger). Do you produce anything like that or can you? Or….do you know where I could find something like that?
I work for an ASI (Advertising Specialties) and my client loves the design of the bandaid holder.
Do you guys sell wholesale?

----- Ann Vose 18.08.08 09:49

Wow, I just bought a “tough box” of band-aids because they drew my
attention. I’m going back for more. They are actually quite functional.
It is a real red and reminds me of toys, crayons, etc. from the 60’s.
So when I did a search, it came up with your url first. Interesting.

----- Mary 29.04.08 13:55

haha! this is really cool.

----- Becca 14.11.07 19:38

Yes, that Is a great container. Bandaid boxes can be great. I took photos of many variations a few years ago.

A couple were used here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/cclb/1266390886/in/set-72157594157323432/

----- colleen 14.11.07 03:41

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