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NOTCOT.org Roundup- 11.14.07

NOTCOT.org #7183NOTCOT.org #7181NOTCOT.org #7175NOTCOT.org #7155NOTCOT.org #7139NOTCOT.org #7134NOTCOT.org #7133NOTCOT.org #7125NOTCOT.org #7113NOTCOT.org #7177Click the images to see more!A quick catch up for anyone who’s behind on .org… we’ve had some adorable dino hoodies, quite the dare to make an impact, an insanely loud funky looking airhorn, an xkcd romantic fight manifested into a real OS wiping virus/poem, puma and W’s “mongolian bbq” DIY show, a town filled guinness domino chain, an incredibly fun looking couch, lipstick portraits… and then some stories of romantic quests! The guy who drew a sketch looking for a girl he saw on the subway (and he FOUND HER!) and Zack Slow and his buddy letting US choose who they will marry (and give $50,000 to).


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