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Exploded iPod- 11.13.07

explodipod.jpgI just got back from the most amazing event that i have a pile of posts to share with you…BUT, i just checked my email and Billy Chasen blew my mind… literally… with his “hey guys, i love your site. one of my daily stops. I just created an exploded ipod — it’s encased in resin and still works. tell me what you think :) -billy” email. Well… Billy? I think the proper response is - where can i buy one? Or at least play with one? Does it work with remote control?

It is quite possibly my favorite new view of the overexposed ever evolving design *classic*(?)… the ipod has become the kleenex of the mp3 players… its refreshing to see it so exposed - and encased in resin! See below for more images and read more on Billy’s site.


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this is beyond cool… beautiful, really…

----- TC 23.11.07 03:35

how cool is that! i can’t believe it’s still working.. cool

----- fashionchronicles 21.11.07 07:44

nice! but theres too much bubbles on the resin :e

----- juumas 20.11.07 15:20

I would love to know how he was able to keep the layers spaced out evenly while the resin was setting. My guess was some kind of fishing wire but I can’t tell. Also love the foating screws!
Awesome Post!

----- chris 14.11.07 14:34

so cool.
so can i fedex billy my ipod and have him make me one too?

----- michael 13.11.07 19:11

That is very cool indeed, looks like it’s exploded and been frozen!

----- Russ @ bombay potatoes 13.11.07 11:01

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