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North Face 485- 11.11.07

northface485.jpg*Drool* The last thing i expected this sunday night was to find myself desperately wanting to see one of these new North Face 485 Collection coats in person… but i’m pretty blown away by the images and concept so far. The Tagline for the collection is “Artistic design meets extraordinary performance.” This mix of sophistication and multipurpose usage (look good AND survive that freak blizzard) has quite possibly completely raised the bar for coats in my closet.

From their site: “The North Face presents 485, a premier outerwear collection that breathes and urban, artistic spirit into trusted quality and technical construction. Let these sophisticated silhouettes accompany you from extreme outdoor environments to sidewalk settings.” These are a mix of Primaloft, Goretex, and down ~ delivering warmth and comfort while waterproof and breathable… not to mention how sleek they look! More images below. Love the whole jet black with red details for the tag, etc inside… mmm. (oh wait, just noticed on the paragon sports site that they have other colors… their choice in the other colors is making me question things slightly…) via Uncrate


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I just got my apex elbrus jacket, its super nice, you have to see the jackets in person. the pics dont do them justice

----- galvonize 16.12.07 12:00

Very interesting… as always! Cheers from Switzerland.

----- Dog training 22.11.07 09:21

I like the idea of merging street formal and sport but, is this really extraordinary? Don’t let a nice picture overwheml you. The garment is nice but not something worth a double take.

----- Jimmy 21.11.07 00:30

that’s quite a mark-up for removing the geeky The North Face logo…

----- Jesse! 14.11.07 16:23

They look OK - but get them quick - not many left in the UK…


----- Boris 14.11.07 08:14

I prefer the stuff from Nau: www.nau.com. Better looking and more focused on sustainable materials than The North Face, and from a design-focused, forward thinking company.

----- oboy 13.11.07 15:20

The coats do seem to look much better on your blog than on the website from the link. Interesting that North Face is attempting something more fashionable. I do love normal North Face though.

----- Becca 12.11.07 21:36

This looks interesting to me too but the color differences has me second guessing these.

Was this model available last year? I would rather have a solid black than the Charcoal color.

----- 7racer 12.11.07 13:22

Oh wow. I’ve been waiting for something like this for awhile. Being in Boston, I’m stuck in a puffy blob of a coat for 4 months straight. Too bad they’re priced a bit out of my range for now, but the other coats on their site are quite nice too.

----- kareno 12.11.07 09:35

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