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Gift Guide Day 28- 11.23.07

day28com.jpgDay 28 ~ Today i present you with a playful collage of products i think few creatives won’t find at least slightly amusing… everything from the VISUALIZE Bat and the Little Know It All book to inspiring calendars and Critbuns…

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Thanks! FYI all, 295 SEK = approx $46.75 USD

----- E 28.11.07 20:31


oops sorry about that! ~ here try that one ~ and search for the carrie basket… the design house stockholm online store is a bit odd to link to it seems!

----- jean 27.11.07 17:05

I can’t get the link on the lace basket to work - help!

----- E 27.11.07 15:55

ah, gotcha. guess it just seemed weird/coincidental that most of the early ones happened to be sponsers.

maybe a morning (least pleasant/most in need of fun related time of day) related guide?

----- matt 26.11.07 20:14

Nope ~ its a free for all of my hunting on the internet. All sponsors were stores i personally loved already, so each sponsor has one day where i personally pick products from their stores to share with you (that accounts for about 8 days or so or the 31) and then the rest are just themed on categories/personalities/ideas that popped into my head!

any requests?

----- jean 24.11.07 11:43

are only sponsers picked for the gift guide?

----- matt 24.11.07 11:10

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