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Gin the Right Way- 11.11.07

rightgin1.jpgRight Gin ~ seems to have done branding the right way… with a old style classic crest composed of everything from Stags “symbols of strength and fortitude that challenge the status quo”, Socrates “the omnipresent all-knowing fly-on-the-wall”, Black “Sophistication & Authority”, Crown “symbol of our high hope to conquer the world”, a motto - Est Unus Modus Verus - “There is a right way”… and those are only some of my favorite elements of their crest, see below for screenshots breaking down every aspect of their crest.

As for the gin itself, i have no idea how it tastes, but reading its intriguing history on their site had made me curious to find some… after all anything made by such precise image controlling perfectionists that hated the taste of gins that came before must be worth a try… also on fun details… they have a “What’s your pleasure” section of their site that helps you make your ideal drink… but doesn’t offer your usual options, under Pixie Dust, you can choose from options like Pinch of Lust, Bucket of Revenge, Thimble of Envy, etc! [sidenote: does it drive anyone else nuts that instead of pretending to paperclip the picture up there, they put a paperclip sitting above it?]










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I tried this gin a few months ago and have looked everywhere for it ever since. It doesnt even taste like GIN,. Its incredible. I would love to know where to find it..

----- Ann Marie 20.12.08 11:37

Bar none, this is the finest Gin I have ever had. This is a must have for any gin lover or alcohol enthusiest. Extremely tough to find, but it is availible on DRINKUPNY.Com.

----- Fin&Tonic 21.07.08 11:04

Hmmmmm….have tried it once in PACIFICO, in London…am desperate to get my hand on a bottle, its worth every penny for the case it comes in, let alone the smoothest sweetest taste ever!!! Never thought you could say that about gin!

Can someone please give me a hand in finding out where to buy it from!

Thanks x

----- Lucy Seddon 01.07.08 06:52

I was hoping to buy/order a bottle of this gin for my boyfriend for christmas, but their website was giving me problems. Where else can I buy/order it?

----- Ashley 17.11.07 16:14

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