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Hoya Crystal- 11.08.07

hoyacrystal.jpgOne of these days i really need to get out to 100% Tokyo, and catch up on all the great stuff happening in japan as well… Totally jealous of all the awesome stuff they are seeing over at designboom! Brad over there reports about Hoya Crystal: “Hoya glass corporation became japan’s first speciality manufacturer of optical glass when it was established in 1941. since then, hoya has diversified and developed into many other areas from electro-optics, photonics, vision care and healthcare to luxury crystal products. as part of 100% design tokyo hoya crystal hosted a stand showcasing some of their products and expertise in crystal and glass manufacture.” I LOVE the look of the black cages with brilliant crystal animals within (this may be in part because back in undergrad i got the weirdest looks from neighbors as i bought bird cages and spray painted them matte black and then built computers into them) ~ and the skull rings, cufflinks, candle holders are awesome. Also see below for some really sweet vases, a rose ring i’m coveting as much as the skull one, and some pretty sweet mushrooms… please don’t mind the laziness with which i collaged it together, my hand is acting up, but i was far too excited to post this. Also, check out some pics of the booth from the Hoya Blog.



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EU QUERO!!!!!!

----- Drik 04.12.07 13:20

Se liga que bacana!!!

----- HEAD 14.11.07 10:22

Just to think, one of the skull rings is only about $250 (29,000 Yen). Which while a lot for something that isnt a precious metal, still very cool and I cant have :(.

----- Lone 08.11.07 19:14

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